September 2017 Double Program

The September Double Program was held at the Nippon Club. To download the event summary, click here.

September’s New York Pharma Forum featured two individual programs on the future of healthcare and the biopharma evolution in the overall business model.

Click on each topic and speaker to read more about the program and their bio.

Program 1

TOPIC: Evolution of Biopharma 4.0: Platforms to Re-Capture Value

A fundamental re-imagining of healthcare is underway. “Our biggest challenge today is: how can we redesign global health systems to be efficient and sustainable?” says Mr. Patrick Flochel, EY’s Global Life Science Leader, who is currently based in Tokyo. He will discuss key emerging themes for the pharma industry focusing on “4.0 platform base model,” which provides customer-centric services and generates value to all involved parties, an opportunity for biopharma companies to take an active and trusted role in the highly networked, data-rich environment. He will also address the topic of aging and its implications for the Life Sciences/Healthcare industry, giving his global perspective.

Patrick Flochel, Partner, Global Life Sciences Executive Team, EY

Patrick Flochel has held a global role for 20 years, the past 12 of which have been in life sciences, currently leading the EY relationship with one of the largest pharma companies globally. The Life Sciences practice is primarily based in the US and Europe with major growth plans for Asia (Singapore, China, Japan), and consists of around 3500 people worldwide.

Patrick sits on the sector leadership team and participates in the construction of EY’s point of view and strategic-level ideas about the evolution of the life sciences industry. He frequently speaks at global events and contributes to industry articles in the trade and general press.

Program 2

TOPIC: The Next Generation of Clinical Development

Last year, Quintiles and IMS Health completed a merger to become a single, information and technology-led healthcare service provider with a market value of almost $18 billion. Although consolidations have been a trend in the CRO industry, the merger of Quintiles and IMS Health stood out in multiple ways and left us questions: has QuintilesIMS created a new data-driven clinical development model that is truly differentiated from their competitors? Is this the new era of clinical development?  Dr. Mark Raupp, QuintilesIMS’ Senior Medical Director, will discuss how “Big Data” is changing clinical trials and product development globally. He will also share his insight and tell us about the driver behind the merger and how it has affected their everyday operation.

Mark Raupp, MD, Senior Medical Director, Clinical Planning and Analytics, QuintilesIMS

Dr. Mark Raupp joined Quintiles in 2012 to head up Quintiles’ preferred site program for North America defining the strategy and directing the team to identify and develop investigative sites, improve site and investigator relationships and ensure project delivery through the company’s network of sites.  He oversaw Quintiles’ Prime, Partner and strategic sites to provide a smooth integration between investigator and sponsor needs.  In 2015 he joined the Site and Patient Networks group to ensure patients, investigators and sponsors connect successfully for improving medical care and development of new treatments.  With the QuintilesIMS merger he has joined the therapeutic strategy unit to ensure the organization is connecting data informed insights, medical expertise and the project experience to research and development.

Prior to joining Quintiles, Dr. Raupp was a practicing family physician who has enjoyed working in private, institutional and academic settings as well as participating as a clinical investigator himself.  His wealth of clinical experience and patient contact has firmly grounded patients and patient care as the pillars of his work.