Roots of Disruptive Innovation

July’s program was held at the Hudson Terrace. To download the event flyer, click here.

Hosted at a trendy NYC lounge, New York Pharma Forum’s July program is a great opportunity to bring your spouse, guests and colleagues for an evening of socializing and inspiring discussion.  The program will begin with presentations by several successful entrepreneurs who will tell their stories and explore the roots of the innovation that characterizes each of their venture-funded companies.  The program will be followed by a reception with drinks and hors d’oeuvres on the lounge’s breezy terrace, with plenty of time to network and socialize in a fun environment.



What do the speakers and their companies have in common?

  • A pharma startup developing a first-in-class cancer drug
  • An internet retailer often dubbed “the online Costco”
  • A financial tech company helping pre-paid card issuers increase profits while helping consumers increase their financially savvy
  • A manufacturer of inexpensive, portable solar lights

While these businesses and industries are totally different from each other, what unites these companies and  their founders and leaders are an entrepreneurial bent and a distinct capacity for disruptive innovation.

Oncoceutics is a pharma startup engaged in the discovery and development of highly differentiated treatments for difficult cancers. Oncoceutics’ mission is to translate and develop its lead candidate, ONC201, an oral, small-molecule drug invented by Josh Allen while still a grad student. ONC201 acts against numerous liquid and solid tumor types, sparing healthy cells and targeting the most potent tumor suppressor pathways. ONC201 is now in clinical trials at several world-renowned cancer centers.

Boxed is an app that lets time-starved consumers shop for large quantities of household staples (such as cases of diapers and jumbo bottles of detergent) without going to a Big Box store, paying a membership fee or carrying home heavy purchases. The app is aimed especially at Millennials, who prefer bikes to cars and urban living to suburban. CEO Chieh Huang has been in the media a lot lately about his decision to pay college tuition costs for all of his employees’ children.

MPOWERD,  founded in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake that left millions without electricity or light, has developed an inflatable solar powered light that’s portable, waterproof and sells for $10. The company’s mission: to light up the lives of the billions around the world who live in energy poverty. “Luci” lanterns can be used  indoors and outside. They’re also sold to campers and used for outdoor events and blackout backup lights.

PayPerks is a financial tech platform that helps issuers of pre-paid cards improve profits while empowering card users to improve their financial stability by increasing their financial literacy. PayPerks uses sweepstakes and cash prizes to entice card users to enroll in tutorials. Arlyn Davich developed PayPerks while at Columbia Business School, in its Greenhouse incubator program. Her goal:  help the millions of Americans who don’t have bank accounts or the knowledge to safeguard and maximize their assets.