How to Join

Membership Policy


There are two categories of NYPF membership, Regular Membership and Associate Membership, both of which are available to biopharmaceutical companies and other companies serving the life sciences industry.

    *Membership in the New York Pharma Forum is corporate, not individual.

Regular Membership: Regular Members pay higher annual dues ($8,000/year) than Associate Members ($3,500/year). They may participate fully in the activities of NYPF. Only Regular Member companies have the right to vote at annual meetings, serve on the Board of Directors and on Subcommittees of the Board. Each Regular Member company is entitled to send up to four people as attendees to all regular monthly NYPF programs at no charge (this does not include the Annual Dinner or other social events or special events). Special discount rates apply for additional attendees.

Benefits of Regular Membership may extend to the parent company representative office in the U.S., or to any subsidiaries, joint ventures and “sister” companies (companies at least 50% owned by the same parent company as the member) that are specified by the Regular Member. The inclusion of these related companies is to be requested by the Member’s Forum Representative, and is subject to approval by the Membership Subcommittee and the board of directors.

Associate Membership: Associate Members pay a per-person attendance fee for participation in each activity.

Interested in Joining?

Global biopharmaceutical industry group New York Pharma Forum

Organizations that wish to join the New York Pharma Forum should download, print and complete the Membership Application PDF below, and once completed, should be uploaded via the form below.

In addition to completing the application, the potential member must supply written recommendations from two current NYPF members. After receiving an application and the two recommendations, the completed application is forwarded to the Membership Subcommittee for final review and approval. The Subcommittee then makes a recommendation on the application to the NYPF’s Board of Directors at the next Board meeting. After the Board votes on the application, the applicant is notified of the Board’s decision.


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