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NYPF Membership Benefits

Membership in the New York Pharma Forum confers unique benefits not available in other professional pharma organizations.

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New York Pharma Forum Membership


NYPF allows members to connect with senior executives from biopharma companies that operate in the world’s two largest pharmaceutical markets, the United States and Japan. Members learn about the latest trends in the global pharmaceutical industry while networking with colleagues from American and Japanese companies. The organization provides professionals a platform for building valuable relationships with biotech and pharma business development leaders, investment executives, industry analysts and other key stakeholders.


NYPF provides opportunities to learn about the latest U.S., Japanese and global industry issues and trends. We offer a number of resources, including access to seminars, webinars, white papers and our blog, to keep you informed about topics that impact your business.


NYPF events provide biopharma companies with access they may not ordinarily have to senior government policymakers and industry leaders from Japan, the U.S. and around the world.


NYPF member companies are entitled to share their insights on industry topics and their company’s positions on key issues by submitting blog posts and contributing to the Knowledge Center on our website (there is a content-rich resource on this site with eBooks, whitepapers, videos). Monthly programs often feature member company speakers demonstrating their expertise in a variety of areas.

Already a member? If you are interested in contributing, please send a brief description of your topic to us.

Monthly Programs

NYPF hosts members-only monthly programs that feature industry leaders, researchers, and government officials offering expert opinions on trending pharma issues.

Annual Meeting & Dinner

In addition, each December we host our general assembly, a symposium featuring an extended program with high level speakers tackling a broad topic from multiple angles. In the past, speakers have included CEOs from both Japanese and Western pharmaceutical companies, senior government officials and health care industry executives. A formal dinner follows the annual General Assembly meeting.