Furthering Global Biopharma: Opportunities for Development with East Asia

November’s event was held at the Nippon Club. To download the event summary, click here.

By 2015, Asia Pacific will have a larger middle class than Europe and North America combined and with local economies expanding, global pharmaceutical companies are looking to forge deeper business and research relationships in Asia, and Asian pharma companies are looking to promote themselves and increase market-share abroad.

South Korea is investing heavily in technology and promoting pharmaceutical sector companies like Celltrion and Samsung as they look to build a presence in the biosimilars market, forecast by Citigroup to be worth US$18 billion by 2025. Seoul has set a goal to increase pharmaceutical exports to 23 trillion Won ($20.5 billion) by 2020 – up tenfold from the 2012 figure.

Japan’s pharmaceutical market is the second largest in the world, representing a little less than 10% of the global pharma market, with 2013 sales estimated at $115 billion. Japan’s aging population is expected to drive demand for pharmaceuticals, and a number of Japanese firms have set up R&D sites around the world. Additionally, foreign participation is growing in the Japanese pharma market as collaboration with local organizations and strategic partnerships have fostered mutually beneficial growth.

At this program which we are happy to be co-hosting with the New York Health Forum (NYHF), experts will discuss opportunities in Asia for bio-pharmaceutical companies with a focus on collaboration, development, clinical trials, and deal making.

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1. Opportunities for Collaboration with Japan’s Public Sector and Academia

With Japanese universities providing increased access to their advanced research, and the Japanese government loosening restrictions and promoting local bio-clusters and access to cutting edge facilities, there are more opportunities than ever for pharmaceutical collaboration in Japan

Mr. Hideki Mitani, Senior Advisor to Director General, Institute of Industrial Science, Senior Advisor to Dean, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo
Mr. Hiroyuki Kawabata, Director, Health and Welfare Department, JETRO New York
Mr. Kenjiro Watanabe, Director, Business Development, JETRO New York

2. Designing and Conducting Clinical Trials in Asia

With a growing focus on clinical trials held in multiple locations and countries, and the growth of pharma markets in the Pacific CRO’s are increasingly looking towards Asia. This session will provide updates on the state of CRO’s and examine trends in CROs and the growth of clinical trials in Asia.

James M Pusey MD MBA Bio, SVP Clinical Operations, Medpace Inc.

3. New Drug Discovery and Development in Korea: A Case Study

Despite rapidly advancing medical technology, improvements in clinical trial design, efforts on finding new mechanisms for treating diseases and accelerated pathways for drug development, unmet medical needs remain. This session will feature a case study of new strategies and collaboration efforts undertaken by a biotech firm to overcome scientific and economic challenges.

Dr. Saeho Chong, Sr VP Business Development, Enzychem Lifesciences USA Corporation
-Moderator, Ms. Kimberly Ha, Senior Consultant of FTI Consulting

4. Opportunities and Deal Making with Asian Biopharma

Deal-making in the global pharmaceuticals sector is booming with no signs of slowing down. This session will look at examples of major deal making with Asian companies as well as considerations and strategies for collaboration.

Kathryn Gregory, Executive Director, Licensing & Business Development, Purdue Pharma L.P.
Dr. Daniel G. Chain, President and CEO, CereSpir Inc.
Shoshana Shendelman, PhD, Managing Director, Clearpoint Strategy Group LLC
Tony Chen, CEO of PrimeVax Immuno-Oncology, Inc.
-Moderator, Ms. Kimberly Ha, Senior Consultant of FTI Consulting