Changes to Biopharma’s External Ecosystem that Will Bring Permanent Change to the Biopharmaceutical Industry

January’s program was held at The Nippon Club. To download the event summary, click here.

SPEAKER:  Ed Saltzman, President & Founder, Defined Health

Ed SaltzmanThere are numerous important factors within the biopharmaceutical industry that have a vital impact on the success of companies and their products.  However, we are also facing some momentous changes in the external environment.  Some of these will be game changers for the biopharma industry because they will result in permanent disruption to the ecosystem in which the industry operates.
On January 20th, New York Pharma Forum will welcome Ed Saltzman of Defined Health back to the podium, a favorite speaker of many NYPF members. After many years of evaluating the opportunity space, Defined Health has begun to weigh the impact more heavily that the industry’s operating environment will have on a product’s success or lack thereof, including pricing and reimbursement models and an expanding list of stakeholders with a say in therapeutic decisions. In this talk he will address the most disruptive external factors, both market forces as well as scientific advances, that have the biggest potential to seriously change the biopharma industry’s future, and discuss the weight and the timing of the impact of each of these. Among these:
  • The influence of governments’ and private payers’ ability to afford new innovative therapies and resulting changes in pricing and payment system models, especially in the US.
  • Continued progress in gene therapy and regenerative medicine
Ed Saltzman’s company, Defined Health, is a business development strategy consultancy to the life sciences. (The company has also been a NYPF associate member for about 20 years.) Defined Health advises senior industry executives on business development and disease area strategy. Prior to founding Defined Health, Mr. Saltzman held positions at the Ayerst Laboratories unit of American Home Products and at FIND/SVP.