Biopharma’s New Realities in the Era of “New Health Economy”

September’s program was held at the Nippon Club. To download the event flyer, click here.

Significant changes in the overall healthcare environment, with new technologies and greater access to consumer/patient data, are driving new types of collaboration among biopharma companies, other healthcare stakeholders and new types of players. In addition, with prices of specialty drugs continuing to rise, drug pricing is making more of an impact on drug choices that payers, providers and even patients are making. The “New Health Economy,” as it is called by consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), presents both challenges and opportunities for biopharma companies.

At this program, three experts will discuss the major shift in the whole healthcare landscape and what it means for biopharma companies, and the transformation they need to prepare themselves for.

PwC recently conducted interviews with various stakeholders to understand the new landscape for collaboration and identify opportunities. The report notes, “New collaborations are reconfiguring three crucial business operations: drug R&D, regulatory submission and product commercialization. The need to collaborate also stems from a growing concern that drug development doesn’t adequately address patient needs and medication adherence outside of the clinic.” Douglas Strang and Ben Comer of PwC will share critical findings from their research that would impact the biopharma companies.

Roger Longman, founder and CEO of Real Endpoints, which specializes in pharmaceutical reimbursement, states, “In a therapeutics world where value is defined both medically and economically, the first player to market – or the player with what will only be temporarily viewed as the best product – won’t necessarily be the ultimate winner.” He will explain what it takes to be a winner and why.

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